The artists of tomorrow talk about the issues of today in Cambridge School of Art

“Every art communicates because it expresses. It enables us to share vividly and deeply in meanings…for communication is not announcing things communication is the process of creating participation, of making common what had been isolated and singular…the conveyance of meaning gives body and definitiveness to the experience of the one who utters as well as to that of those who listen”.

John Dewey, “Art As Experience” (1934)

Artistic practices are well suited to research complex topics such as sustainability because of their immediacy and their ability to touch upon unconscious issues as well as overlooked stuff. It is imperative that sustainability is brought into the conversation and critical discussions within the departments of any school of art.

Contemporary art practices offer ways for working with and through the ambivalences of loss attached to environmental issues because they can provide understanding and promote reparation in these complex human experiences and can look with discerning eyes into the misalignments between human action and human values.

Curating this exhibition and prizes has been a wonderful way of promoting these conversations to reach further and deeper levels. What a privilege!

Sustain-Searle-Eaton 2017 Poster for Web


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