‘The role of artists seems to be one of invitation to explore the connections between imagination and transformation, often carried through rich impulses of compassionate connectedness. Artists employ strategies that involve attention and intention, sometimes consciously removing concepts from one sphere where the value and meaning had already been agreed and placing them into another sphere where new values and meanings have to be negotiated.

These negotiations and questioning of habits of thinking most certainly bring about capacities, which Rosi Braidotti describes as nomadic thinking: not binary but multiple, not dualistic but interconnected, not dialectical but in constant flux; and which invite us to move away from what Bruno Latour calls the ‘cult  of the facts’ and engage in different ways of relating to the world and to one another.

Cognition process is, after all, the process of life. I believe that external transformation does not happen unless there is internal mobilisation, and that without the inner development of the human being a sustainable future for all is not possible. I hope it is as urgent to you as it is to me the idea that new capacities and sensibilities need to be developed in order to move together into the future without a script.

Marina Velez

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