What We Do

A few snapshot moments of the residency in action

Visiting Ackroyd and Harvey slate wall at The David Attenborough Building,
Commissioned by the University of Cambridge, in preparation for their talk

ah wall for web

Visit and talk about conservation at Birdlife International

Collaborative work guided by Stefano Cagol using infrared camera

infrared camera

Studio work

Walk and talk by researcher and cultural environmentalist lecturer Michael Hrebeniak

michael talk

Residue placemats work by Marina Velez for Raw Lunch at Wysing, with the Leverhulme Scholars


Raw lunch at Wysing

Skill sharing sharing skill at wysing 1

sharing skills 4

Punting, picnics, presentations and discussions

Visit to Darwin Herbarium


Show at Ruskin studios 2015, visitors interacting with work

show visitors

Visit to Sainsbury Lab

Casual meetings , awareness in action

bees 2   bees 3

Visit to the Reisner Lab

Visit to the Polar Institute


dowsing 3

Liberating Food with Foodcycle Cambridge

Growing Spaces with Transition Cambridge

Group Crits


Keeping time

beatriz carmen